Okinawa #2

Pictures from Okinawa Camp in 2010.

Set up the tent in an island where the children can do fishing and swimming anytime.

Early in the morning, all kids sleeping on the sand.

Enjoying in the sea with beautiful sunny day!

Got the shell with the net.

Sand covering over all his body.

Captured you in the water.

Here you are, Masato. You got a monster fish!



Pictures form Okinawa Camp back in 2010.
We camped out at uninhabited island. Look at the kids!

What Dorcus Do?

We know that you are wondering or you want to know what we have done in the long history of Dorcus Adventure Club.
As you can see from previous activities, there are many many.
We can describe the unclear parts of the outdoor events.

1. Let’s make a secret house

Kids from first grade to eight grade were gathered and built the house.
It took a few day to finish up the fascinating house.
It includes some attraction in it, roller coaster made out of bamboo, swing built from strong climbing plant and the house completed by using many materials the kids can find near the base.
The house was well done constructed. At the last day of finishing the house, everybody, the children and their parents,  got together and share the time and the ideas of the event altogether.

2. Survival Camp  in Okinawa

We were camping out in an island in Okinawa, Japan, where no one live.
Only we brought in was at least foods and equipment that we need to manage the life.
We fished for our need, found shellfish by the ocean and made fire for a chilling night climate.
We provided all things what and when we need. We made the safe trip to home.

3. Let’s Go Get Dorcus

We initiated the concept of “let’s go get dorcus” with a notion, which children who grow up in a environment as Japan tend to think that everything can get easily by purchasing. People even buy insects for their kids. From that point, with having a lot of request from the children about insects, we went out in the forest and hunted dorcus. It meant to kids that how hard to find real things that you really want, not buying things.




Previous Pitcutures #2

These pictures are outside activities, fishing, dorcus hunting, insect catching and snake experience.

Addition, one picture shows children cooking a fresh fish from scratch.


クワガタ採り、釣りに蛇体験 自然の生き物と共に遊ぶ 日ごろの生活ではできない体験が子供を大きくする。


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Dorcus Activities #1

We bring children out and let them play with the nature throughout whole seasons.
These pictures are some of the activities that we have done in the past.

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