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「分からないことを追究することが楽しい」 こんな言葉を子供から聞けることができて嬉しい限りです。



Achivement by Masato

Dorcus wants to announce the greatest achievement that has done by Masato Suzuki, one of the Dorcus members. He won the prestigious award called Ryoji Noyori Science Award, who won the Novel Prize in Chemistry in 2001. The prize is given only 11 children from all over Japan. The wonderful accomplishment was made by heavily researching in basic rocks. The research was focused on how to crack rocks with precise intention. He solved the problem that basic rock is hard to separate properly with tools. He attempted to the difficulty to find what part of rocks are fragile and easy to break. He continuously tried to discuss with an expert in the field and make effort to it. He concluded that how to cut a ideal shape of rocks by making sure that from what degree the knife goes to rocks.


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